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Who we are?

Here might be the right place and moment to tell you everything about our history, what motivates us and how we plan to continue our story of success. Don’t worry – all interested readers will find these informations down below (just scroll down a little bit). But because we know that most of us have to less time in our hectic times, for the moment we will keep it just as simple as our list of ingredients: Simple and concise, without artificial additives.

The wholesaler Pets Best stands for full taste and high quality for the past 14 years now. We are thinking, living and working according to the motto that only the nature can give us the best for our health and our dogs well-being. That’s why you will find only completely natural dog snacks and treats in our assortment. We don’t belive in distorting the natures taste with artifical flavour enhancers, attractants or preservatives.

Have we aroused your interest? That’s great, because even Nietzsche used to say: Only the curious are happy.

In this sense – We wish you much fun browsing through our wide product range.

Your Pets Best Team

Dog on the beach | Pets Best

But let’s start from the beginning…

Every story starts with a vision. We had the vision of a more healthy, balanced and natural dogs diet. This was 2003. Today we can say we have achieved a lot together. A species-appropriated, all-natural diet is not a foreign word anymore. It’s an attitude of mind and way of life. High quality goods which ensure a healthy diet and development of our dogs are an important growth driver in the pet market. Product lines which are tailored to the specific canine needs are still an important trend and have become an integral part of our daily life with dogs. Our pets are not just “animals”. They are family members. They enrich our lifes and therefore it is even more important for us, that our dogs are healthy, happy and satisfied. Tailor-made solutions and service are requested. Well, here is our part of the game.

We already recognized the changing needs and special demands on pet food 14 years ago. At a time when nobody even talked about allergic dogs, we already offered hypoallergenic (suitable for allergy sufferer) dog snacks. That’s how we found and filled a market niche. Today it’s not a niche anymore but we established a strong position in the market. Europe-wide we are known as a high quality wholesaler with a lot of courage to embrace new ideas.

We’re monitoring the development of the pet food market with a lot of happiness and sometimes also a little bit of astonishment. Happiness because we see a new appreciation of high-grade, natural products. Happiness because there are so so many dogs, who can’t get enough of our treats – even without the use of artificial flavors, colors or attractants. Dogs are ignoring their traditional snacks, gnawing on our all-natural treats instead. This is our reward. This is our story. And we are working with creativity, expertise and passion to continue our story of the last 14 years.

What are the next steps? We are and we will still be a family owned specialty supplier. In the meantime, the second generation joined the company to develop the company further. With our vision in our hearts, we’re keeping our eyes on the horizon, and keep working towards it. With the introduction of new and innovativ products, we stand out from the crowd. But we will never lose sight of our high quality demands.

Pets Best – that’s us. It’s quality. Innovation. Service and kindness. It’s nature. Without compromises. Passion. Family.

But it’s also you. Our customers who have given us their trust.

Our concept

Pets Best – a wholesaler of all-natural dog treats and chews. We attach great importance to high-quality raw material, which are gently processed with great care. Due to the gentle drying procees, most of the nutrients and vitamins still remain. Our assortment consists of more than 80 different natural dog treats and chews, from classics like beef tripe to exotic snacks, whil you’ll only find here.