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Our name is our concept! It’s all about high quality food for dogs and cats. By now we’re looking back on nearly 15 years of experience in the field of dog treats and snacks and so we know what is needed.That’s why quality always comes first in our job. All our products are delivered by controlled producers and remain completly natural for an appropriate diet. We work closely with our producers since years and so we’ve build up a Europe-wide network to ensure the highest quality level and to react individually and according to needs.

To offer you and your customers a constantly high quality we are mainly cooperating with the leading manufacturers from Germany and Europe. Thats how we keep the trade routes as short as possible and the CO2 emissions low. Industrial mass-produced pet food from Far Eats are no option for us!

natural treats made of lamb lung for dogs by Pets Best
All-natural dog treats made of high quality meat without additives by Pets Best

High quality raw materials and no artificial additives

In our treats you can find nothing than pure nature. Whether lean or organ meat, tendons or bone chews: Canine nutrition is at the heart of every thing we do thats why our products are authentic and fully nutritious. Just as nature is.

Eating is not just blind consumption and the fulfillment of a basic need anymore. We’re going more consciously to the supermarket, paying attention on what exactly is in the procuts we want to buy. We even prefer strolling around the local market searching for fresh and locally grown products. We have quite good control over what we want to eat andwe perceive conciously what we see, taste, touch and smell. Furthermore the social interaction with food has reached a new higher level – just have a look on all the beautiful arranged food pics on Instagram with thousands of likes, the super successfull food blogs or cooking shows all over the world.

In the last few years there was a rethinking about food and a new comprehensive understanding of quality – even for pet food. So we follow our philiosophy and reject all preservatives and chemical additives. You will not find any slaughterhouse waste, inferior animal meal, cheap cereal waste, binder, synthetic flavourings, colorants, hidden sugar or attractants.

Our dog treats are 100% natural and completly free from any artificial additives.Just because we believe your Dogs and Cats deserve the very best. So think about – aren’t these things the most delicious ones which simply do not require any additives?

Careful and sustainable production

Beef Tripe, jerky, pheasant meat stripes, chicken breats fillet, venison tendon, camel scalp – with our wide assortment of all-natural dog treats and chews we are able to offer all dog breed the ultimate snacking fun. No matter if glutton, senior, puppy, sensitive stomach soul or even allergy sufferers – due to our expertise and wide product assortment, we can advise and show you the best products for your clients.

What makes our products so special? Because of the gentle production method with dry air, the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are nearly fully presevered. The drying process extracts the water from the fresh meat and preserves it at the same time.

The procedure is quite simpel and all that is required is air and heat. Due to the heat supply, the water in the meat evaporates slowly and the air circulation enable evaporation of any dampness. Apart from the moisture all valuable ingredients such as vitamins and aromatics are retained.