Training Treats Beef with Colostrum

Training Treats Beef with Colostrum

  • Healthy beef meat
  • Addition of Colostrum
  • Gluten-free
  • For a strong immune system

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Training Treats Beef with Colostrum

Innovative dog treat with an extra plus for your dog’s health

Take the dog’s training to a tasty new level with our innovative Training Treats Beef with Colostrum.

The naturally delicious formula makes all the difference – quality beef protein combined with Colostrum. Colostrum, the “first milk” produced by mammals immediately after giving birth, contains a myriad of compounds which are involved in supporting the newborn infant’s immune system. It’s beneficial as a health supplement and provides a range of natural growth and immune factors that achieve a healthy immune system at any age, promote healthy digestion, and support the health of the oral cavity.

Plus: Palatability studies have also shown that the majority of pets enjoy the flavor of colostrum. It tastes great!

Our Training Treats Beef with Colostrum have a diameter of approx. 1,5cm.


All benefits at a glance:

  • Lots of healthy beef meat
  • Colostrum for a healthy immune system
  • Glutenfree
  • Great for training sessions
  • Easy to portion



Ingredients: Beef, vegetable by-products, milk and dairy products (Colostrum).

Nutritional content: raw protein 39,1%, raw fat 18,7%, raw ash 4,0%, moisture 25,1%



Please note that this is a pure natural product, so the size, form and color can differ from the photograph.

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