Delicious chewing pleasure with our Puppy Chewlets

Made from careful air-dried buffalo intestines

Here is also one more treat allowed: Our puppy treats are made from 100% pure buffalo and are low in fat and easy to digest. The sticks are not too firm, so they are perfect for young and small dogs. However, the buffalo intestine are also ideal for seniors.

Especially at the beginning of the “chewing career”, people and dogs always have to approach a bit to suitable chews. Puppies and senior dogs should not be overburdened with chews that are too large or too hard. But especially the “world-discovering fur noses” have a real chewing instinct, which must also be satisfied (otherwise shoes and furniture suffer quickly). Therefore, it is very important to offer the puppy regularly chewing snacks, to keep him busy and balanced.

Our puppy treats can be great as a reward, or simply as a nutritious, tasty snack in between. They have a great aroma that no four-legged friend can resist. High-quality dog snacks for puppies also make an important contribution to dental hygiene. The persistent chewing of dog snacks strengthens teeth and gums, while specifically preventing the development of tooth decay or bad breath. Delicious and healthy!

An all-natural, gently dried snack, free of any additives.

Our puppy chewlets have a length of about 15cm.


All advantages at one glance:

  • 100% buffalo
  • Without artificial additives such as preservatives or flavor enhancers
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • Low fat
  • Softer consistency
  • Particularly well suited for puppies and seniors



This item is 100% buffalo (monoprotein), with no added grains or other extenders.

Our puppy treats (buffalo intestines) are gluten-free, without chemicals and preservatives.

Ingredients (analysis is subject to natural variations): Protein 79.0%, Fat 12.01%, Ash 3.8%.


Please note: Since this item is a pure natural product, the size, shape and color may vary from the photo.