Cod Cracker (50% Cod)

  • 50%Cod, 50% Beef Scalp
  • Without artificial additives
  • Gluten- and lactose-free
  • High Protein

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Crunchy Cod Cracker fish treat for dogs

Made of each 50% Cod and Beef Scalp for more flavour and chewing fun

Give your dog a treat that’s loaded with nutrition and flavor with our all natural Cod Cracker. Made of 50% Cod and 50% Beef Scalp these strips are loaded with easily-digestible protein and omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat, and heart health. They also offer dental benefits, reducing tartar and plaque build-up for healthier gums and teeth. Our super crunchy Cod Cracker can be broken into smaller pieces, so you can use them also for smaller dogs and pups.

These Cracker for dogs are a perfect alternative to the common fish skin treats, which might be not hard enough for many dogs who love to gnaw. But with our Cod Cracker dogs really have to work and to chew on them to make them soft.This rough, crunchy texture is loved by all pets!

Our Cod Cracker fish treats for dogs are slowly deydrated to perfection to maintain the whole power of the ingredients. The essential nutrients, fatty acids, proteins and vitamins remain almost completly. Grain-free, gluten-free, corn-free and soy-free, as well as completly free of any artificial additives like colors, fillers or preservatives.

Our Pets Best Cod Cracker Strips have a length of approx. 14cm.


All benefits at a glance:

  • 50% Cod, 50% Beef Skin
  • No artificial additives
  • Gluten- and lactose-free
  • Flavorful and healthy
  • Supports good dental hygiene
  • High in Omega 3 acids
  • High in protein



This product is made of 50% cod and 50% beef, without the addition of grain, chemicals, preservatives or other extenders.

Nutritional content (subjected to natural fluctuations): raw protein 76,8%, raw fat 4,4%, raw ash 9,2%.



Please note that this is a pure natural product, so the size, form and color can differ from the photograph.

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